Let’s get real: your baby’s first birthday party is more for you than for her. She’s not going to remember this day, but when she looks back at the pictures and videos, she’s going to get that warm, fuzzy feeling in her heart.

Even though she has no clue it’s her birthday, celebrate one year with your precious new baby and celebrate yourself for making it through the first year! There were ups and downs, but ultimately, you’re an even better mom now. Here are some surprising ideas for your baby’s first birthday party.

Baby’s First Birthday Food Truck Party

Check your local community parks for any food truck events going on. This is a simple yet fun way to gather with close family and friends. People love strolling around in parks and trying food from all types of cultures and regions. The key to a great party is great food. Plan to be there in the last afternoon – post-nap – so your baby isn’t grumpy or tired.

Plus, having your one-year-old’s birthday party at a park minimizes clean up time, and it allows guests to come and go as they please. Honestly, who wants to be at a 1st birthday for three hours?

How To Celebrate a First Birthday Without a Party

This might seem odd, but celebrating your baby’s first birthday with just you, the grandparents and your partner is still an incredibly special way to rejoice together. Who says you have to go all out with a Winnie The Pooh-themed party and invite everyone and their mother? Take it from those who have been through this a time or two: the simpler, the better! A one-year-old birthday party doesn’t have to be extravagant; it can be an intimate gathering and perhaps be even more significant than a full blown party.

Themed First Birthday Party

If you want to go all out for your baby’s one-year-old birthday, then, by all means, do it! Pick a gleeful theme, create a guest list, hire an amazing caterer and order a gorgeous birthday cake. Celebrating your baby is all that matters on this day, and if that’s how you want to do it, then go for it.

It’s important to remember that while you might have planned everything out perfectly, a one-year-old still needs her naps and still prefers her mom hold her most of the time. A kid’s birthday party can turn into madness, so don’t stress too much. Go with the flow, and enjoy this moment with your beautiful baby and all of your friends and family.

Get Creative

Assign one of your family members the task of creating a video blog of your baby’s 1st birthday party. Have everyone say a few things to your little one so they can watch it down the line, years later on their 18th birthday! You could also use the same concept but, set up a scrapbooking station. Put out colorful paper and markers and have everyone write your kiddo a loving note, then attach pictures later on.

Time Capsule Anyone?

Ask all party-goers to bring an item that demonstrates what life looked like during your little one’s first year. Who was running for office? How much was a coffee or a gallon of milk? What were the newspaper headings on her birthday? What was the hottest toy? What was the number one song or the most viewed tv show?  All of these things will help trigger conversations about how we’ve evolved (or not) later on in your child’s life. If there’s anything a child LOVES, it’s hearing stories about what life was like as they were growing up!

First Birthday Cake

It’s an age-old tradition to place your child’s first birthday cake directly in front of them. We love watching the wonderment in their innocent eyes. All of the guests wait on edge to see what happens next. Is it a full-on attack or will she delicately pick at it? Some children get overwhelmed by all of the attention and suddenly burst into tears. It’s all a matter of the personality of your child and… yes, whether a solid nap really happened in the midst of party organizing chaos.

Whatever the case may be, in the day and age of being aware of everything our children ingest, consider icing with natural food dye and think about cake alternatives. At this age, your kiddo will love banana bread cake just as much as the others that have twice, and sometimes three times, the amount of refined sugar.  

Your baby’s first birthday party is going to be special no matter how you choose to celebrate. With these surprising ideas for your baby’s first birthday party, you’re sure to make memories that last a lifetime. For new mom real tips and advice, visit our blog!


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