Fall is just around the corner. People keep asking me what I want in my son’s fourth grade teacher.  Below is the job I would post, IF I were actually doing the hiring. 

You’re in the profession of teaching, so I am assuming you are a lover of children and the process of educating and enriching their lives. I am also hoping you have a balance in your life that keeps you grounded and in good mental health. These requirements should go without saying.  If you don’t come with your carpet bag full of most of the below items, please think about a different job.

  • Do you have a sense of humor?
  • Can you discipline with that humor and love, instead of anger and frustration?
  • Are you creative?
  • Are you constantly thinking about and researching new ways to connect and teach the ever evolving brain of our modern children?
  • Do you like music and art? How do you plan on incorporating them into the daily activities?
  • How strict is your daily plan? Does it have room for spontaneity?
  • Are current events an important part of you classroom morning discussion?
  • Do you have morning discussions?
  • Are you willing to bring your hobbies into your curriculum? My gut says, if they turn you on they’re bound to turn them on.
  • How do you encourage independence?
  • How do you plan to highlight the individual child without making the others feel alienated?
  • Are you accountable? Do you hold the kids accountable?
  • Do you ever teach outside? If not, would you consider it on nice days?
  • Do you want parent involvement? If so, how will you communicate this?
  • Do you like cupcakes, would you prefer coffee or do ya really need an envelope full of cash once in a while because for what we as parents expect, you don’t get paid enough?
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