Turmeric. You’ve heard of  it, you know it’s a kind of golden yellow spice. You may not be entirely sure of the pronunciation. No biggie. We at RMD want to help break it down.


Turmeric (Tur. mer. ic) is a perennial plant in the ginger family and is native to Southern Asia. It is commonly used as a coloring for fabrics and as flavoring in Indian, Iranian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cuisine.


Most typically used in its dried, powdered form turmeric is touted as having remarkable anti-inflammatory qualities and is considered especially beneficial for digestive problems and throat ailments and has been used extensively in natural and folk remedies for centuries.


Due to the presence of Curcumin, which is the chemical compound that gives it it’s bright, happy color, turmeric is helpful in protecting the heart and is a brain booster and may be helpful in preventing Alzheimer’s.


Golden Tea or Golden Milk is the most common way I have seen turmeric used at health conscious eateries which is a warm frothy golden milk, made of almond milk, a natural sweetener and turmeric.


A practical way to add turmeric into your family’s diet may be in your morning smoothie or refreshing a Jamu Tea . A little goes a long way but can be a great boost when added to orange juice based smoothies. Give it a try!


Jamu Tea:

1 handful of fresh turmeric root

2 inch long pieces of ginger

6 cups of water

3 fresh limes

coconut sugar (as needed)

In a blender blend 6 cups of water with a handful of fresh turmeric root and the 2 pieces of fresh ginger root. Strain. Add fresh juice of 3 fresh limes (lemons can be substituted). Sweeten with coconut  sugar. Serve over ice or serve warm in the cooler months.


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