“Why are you making things so difficult?”

Simple does not mean easy. Generally speaking, the simplest things are usually the most difficult to do.

For example, remembering to breathe. Now, I get it, you don’t really need to remember to do it, as it’s an automatic thing your body knows how to do. However, when you are stressed out, overwhelmed and just down right mad, then purposefully remembering to breathe deeply is a simple and completely effective tool. Again though, simple does not mean easy. When you are in the midst of your moment, it’s not as simple to remember to use this tool that is readily available to calm you down and restore yourself to peace.

It’s like drinking more water, exercising more, or eating healthier. You know you should do it and your body would thank you if you did it, and it sounds so simple. Yet, somehow, as simple as it sounds to do, it’s not as easy, because it may be outside of your normal. You have ingrained in you a set of beliefs and habits, and unlearning these habits and reframing your beliefs is not as easy as it is simple.

I understand that it may not be easy to change your habits and belief patterns, but it doesn’t have to be difficult either. You may often say to yourself, “Why is this so hard?” I know I’ve caught myself asking my kids, “Why are you making things so difficult?” What if you reframed your thoughts and instead asked yourself this one simple question, “How can I let this be easy?” That is the beginning of taking the simple and making it easy. This one little reframe of a thought has the power to change the trajectory of how your brain views whatever you are thinking and/or feeling.

Drinking more water, fitting more exercise into your day, and making healthier living sustainable can be simple and easy. If it’s a new concept to you, then perhaps it’s not easy yet. There is no easy button, especially if the way you have been living up until now has not been living and breathing these philosophies daily. Remember though, just because it isn’t easy, doesn’t mean that it has to be hard either.

Simple can be made easy. Be willing to drop your struggle and to stop overcomplicating things. You may tend to think because something is so simple, then clearly it can’t work, when quite the opposite. It works because it’s simple. It’s your mind that is taking away the easy. Somehow, you may think it has to be hard in order for it to work. When I find I am in the land of difficulty, I have to remind myself that there is another way, because there always is.

Okay, this is all well and good. So, how do you make it easy? Ready for it? It’s quite simple, actually. See, there it is again…simple! Start with the one question, “How can I let this be easy?” Then, take it one step at a time. As I said, there is no easy button, no magic wand to poof things into easy land. It is a daily practice of allowing things to be different, to committing yourself to making the simple changes and to taking the baby steps towards easy street.




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