Kristin Schmit

We’ve all been there, at a Thanksgiving meal where somebody’s had a little too much wine and starts ramming their ill-informed views down everyone’s turkey stuffed gullets.

Before we say something that may cause an irreparable rift amongst friend or family, take note of these tips to help you deal.

1. Don’t react.

Take a breath and step away from the computer. Remember, a lot of the time people believe what they want to believe and you will just end up hurting the relationship by engaging in a word spar.

2. Unfollow on social media

So easy. Nobody has to know. One click and I don’t have to read your ignorant blather anymore.

3. Accept.

If it is someone that you care about, take a moment to consider why they might feel the way they do. Step into their shoes and recognize they may be seeing a very different truth.

4. Change the subject.

Sometimes, when someone is hell-bent on imposing their point of view on an increasingly uncomfortable dinner table, be the leader of a topic switch. You will notice a collective sigh of relief.

5. Do anything else.

Take a walk. Have a drink. Go talk to Uncle Bud’s dog, he for sure understands. See how many marshmallows you can fit in your mouth. Go eat more turkey. Learn to play Bridge with Grandma.

Be patient. It’s almost over.

For now… Happy Thanksgiving!

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