Smooching under the mistletoe, a warm welcome for family and friends, and the Big Kiss—a la When Harry Met Sally—at the stroke of midnight … It’s time for holiday lips!

Lip color is an easy way to make your regular make-up feel more festive. But what color to wear, exactly, and how to keep lip color on your lips and not on the recipient of our affection?

Looking at the lip-color display at my go-to make-up shop is like opening that new box of 64 Crayola Crayons. So much to choose from! There’s color to consider, and texture.

Which texture should to try first? Satin, matte, gloss, and sheer are the most common options. (There is the option for stains, too. But keep in mind these won’t just wear off; they need to be removed and usually contain a few not so desirable ingredients.)

All are great options and often depend on your mood and how much make-up you plan to apply over all. Here are some stats to help you settle on the best texture for you:

Satin: These are creamy with a bit of shine but still offer an opaque look.

Matte: Highly pigmented with flat appearance. Modern looking, and offers great stand-alone impact. Be sure your lips are well hydrated prior to application as this finish can be drying.

Glossy: High shine and light reflecting. Great for some za za zou!

Sheer: Subtle color and light moisture. This texture is the bridge between lipstick and balm.

Tinted balm: Mostly for moisture but has a bit of pigment. This gives a wash of color and will need to be reapplied.

Ready, set, prep!

Use your favorite lip moisturizer as your first step in your make-up application. This will give it time to soak in and hydrate your lips. Slather on, but then blot away excess before you add your color, to avoid smearing.

Get it on

Apply color directly from tube for most impact. Use a lip brush for more control and detail. Dab on with your finger for a lighter look or to layer to your desired look.

Keep it to yourself

Place a tissue over lips and dust loose powder over your lips over tissue with a powder brush. Line and fill in lips with a lip pencil that is similar to your natural lip color. A skin-color lip liner or concealer applied just outside of lip line with small brush will help to lock it in place on your face.

Happy Holidays … Mwaw!!!!!


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