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“Some common sense caution around the house is a good start for once those babies are on the move.”


Once our kids get their legs out from under them and are on the move we are in constant lifeguard mode. They are naturally curious and into everything and as moms we must anticipate this in every new situation we go into. Some common sense caution around the house is a good start for once those babies are on the move.

Some basic babyproofing steps are essential for most homes. When my kids were little we lived in a house with four staircases so everything was gated at the top and the bottom. We also put safety plugs in all open sockets to prevent little fingers sticking forks or anything else into them.  We anchored shelving to the walls or secured anything that our little people could pull up on and potentially pull over onto themselves. And we have sensors on all doors leading to outside. In case there were any prison break attempts.

Toddlers around water is the potentially scariest predicament as a parent. This is why we should always err on the side of being hyper-conscious. Absolutely have a gate around your pool, Jacuzzi, pond or fountain. A toddler can drown in less than 2 inches water which is why even toilets pose a risk if an unattended child fell in head first. When around pools, always have your child in a floatable safety vest. Choose a vest that fits snuggly and has straps that go under the legs as well so that it cannot ride up.

Car travel poses another range of safety precautions including a properly fitting car seat and some very strict rules around traffic safety. A firm grip on their hands when crossing the street may not be enough for a toddler who spots a dog across the road, let’s say, and may try to break free to get to it. In instances where you are in large crowds or busy intersections and you feel it may not be safe, I actually think a safety harness is not a bad idea.

When I was hugely pregnant with my second child and had an incredibly active toddler who sprinted at moments like a starter gun had gone off, I was greatly relieved to have him on a harness. To prevent us parents from feeling like we are treating our kids like pets, these safety harnesses are made to look like the child has a little back pack on. Which it does, but it also has an exhausted, albeit, slightly relieved parent at the end of the rope.

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