You have kids, not a life-threatening disease! You can still travel, enjoy good food, and take pleasure in all the adventures life has to offer. *Bonus: you can share those adventures with your children


Traveling with Kids, Made Easy

Don’t let having kids hold you back from finding new adventures, make this your new motto in life “have kid, will travel.”  Share the experience with your little people!


Planning Your Trip

1. Pack Light:

When traveling with kids, get rid of the excess and stick with the basics. You don’t need to be weighed down by that extra pair of sandals while you’re chasing after your kiddos. Research your destination in advance: Know the weather, and seasonal must-haves. Don’t bring anything of real value: including clothing you’re afraid to have stained or special toys you’d miss if they got lost.

2. Pre-book:

When booking your accommodations, flight and car rentals, do so in advance so you can request playpens, in-flight bassinet and/or car seats. Be sure to book hotels that are family-friendly, so these amenities are available.

3. Budget for it:

Sit down with your kids and make a realistic budget for your vacation. Allot an amount for souvenirs, excursions and “mad-money” (no real purpose). This way the kiddos will go into the trip understanding there are limitations.

Make the most of Your Vacation

1. Pace Yourself:

Be realistic. As thrilling as it is to be elsewhere for a short time you can’t experience everything; so don’t try too! Your kids won’t appreciate being dragged around if they want to stop for ice cream when it’s not on your itinerary. It’s about the little things and making memories you can share, so pace yourself and don’t overbook!

2. Patience:

If you’re traveling with a toddler, show some understanding and remember to count to five to calm down before you blow up over the little things. If your kid missed a nap and freaks over something small, chill out; it’s not the end of the world.

3. Eat on a Dime:

Meal costs are a considerable expenditure. When you can, book a hotel with a kitchenette and buy your own supplies. If that’s not possible, book hotels that serve free breakfast. For lunch, try brunch instead, so you get a more substantial meal like dinner without paying extra. And for dinner, find out where the locals eat and go there as the tourist eateries will always cost more.

4. Security Blanket:

Whether you have a two or ten-year-old, vacations, while exciting -are also draining. You can help with their jet lag and travel-burnout blow-ups by bringing some home comforts – a blanket, stuffed toy or something soothing. The secret to most children when they fly into an overstimulated or overtired tizzy: DISTRACTION.  Give them a slice of home, whether it’s a snack or a funny animal video they’ve seen on your phone!

5. Schedule Random Breaks:

Because vacations are draining, in between your adventures take breaks to unwind. If it’s an extended vacation, add a “day off” to your itinerary to recharge everyone’s batteries.

Have Kids, Will Travel

Having kids is not the end of the world, so don’t let it hold you back from getting out and seeing the world! Promote their sense of wonder and raise a cultured citizen of the world by getting out there and sightseeing!

Author Bio;

Hayley Flierl is a Freelance Writer, where she creates contents about travel, yoga, meditation including self-confidence, fitness and many more. Hayley is a dog lover and has traveled extensively throughout Australia and other places. Has documented different cultures and people’s story during her travel.






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