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VAPING: As our kids grow up in the digital age, there are a lot of pitfalls that we as parents must watch out for. From bullying, drug abuse, to underage drinking and smoking, parents must be on high alert around their teenagers. Vaping is a relatively new (within the last 10 years) phenomenon that teenagers and their parents are now facing. Vaping by definition is the inhale and exhale of vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device. In schools, it is kind of a ‘hip’ thing to huddle around in the bathroom and vape a little before the next class. In this article, we will examine four ways how you can tell if your child is vaping and a way to deal with the situation.

Unusual Devices

Devices used to vape come in all different shapes and sizes. Since your teenager knows it is something that they do not want their parents to see, they will choose the most innocuous device for their vaping and it is most likely going to be a e-cig. This device, looks like a USB drive and probably could pass for one. However, there are some distinguishing features of a vape pen. Usually regular pens do not have holes on the frame and that could be your first clue to a vape pen.

Unusual Aroma

Vape does not emit the same type of smell that a regular cigarette would give off. In actuality, it smells quite good. With the flavors ranging from fruit, menthol, and dessert, its not surprising that your teenager may be interested give it a try. Although the vapor does not stay in the air too long, if you are in the immediate vicinity, you will get be able to breathe in the remnants of a vaper exhale nearby. Vape juice inherently is sticky and may find its way onto carpets or leak in backpacks. This sweet smelling juice in liquid form will have an aroma to it.

Vaping Atomizers or Juice Pods in the Trash

Searching through a teenagers trash could also provide hints of vaping. Atomizers, which are the devices that turns juice into vapor, will burn out after extended usage and will need to be replaced. Once swapped out, these devices will end up in the trash as the new one is placed into the vape. Juice pods connect to vape pens to provide a cleaner delivery mechanism to the vaper. Once the juice runs out, these pods will also find their way into the trash.

Caffeine Effect

Some teenagers find themselves sensitive to caffeine when they vape. If you teenager is used to drinking coffee in the mornings and suddenly slow down their caffeine intake, this may be a clue that they are vaping. The reason this is happening is that their body is adjusting to the addition of new chemicals into the body and thus affecting or even counteracting the effect of other chemicals.

Misleading Labels

Until recently, E Juice manufacturers had the ability to create packaging without any real guidelines.  A lot of companies were creating packaging for the vape juice that had the same look as some well known foods.  For example, Matter Hatter vape has an apple flavored eliquid that looks like a apple juice fruit box. 7 Daze has a Pink Sticks vape juice that looks like the Strawberry Pocky sticks. And although the FDA has come in and recently banned the deceptive packaging, it will take a while before all the older juice variations are pushed out of the market.  Be careful to look for packaging that just may be a little off.

What’s Next?

After discovering your teen vapes, what is the next step? You need to let them know that society deems that there are age restrictions to purchasing vape. IDs are verified in stores and store owners and staff are keen to underage purchases of vape juice and vape equipment. As such, the restrictions are in place because they are prohibiting underage vaping. As such, when they become of age and can make an informed decision, they can decide if this is something that they want to do. But as of now, they should leave vaping alone.   

In an effort to get the most up to date facts, Real Mom Daily went directly to a vaping source. The online vape store, Smokingthings.com is dedicated to helping us educate parents on teen vaping.

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