With modern science, we aren’t as reliant on signs or symptoms for pregnancy as we can now find out with pretty good accuracy whether we are pregnant or not with an easy over the counter test. The simple pee stick test will  test our urine for a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), and indicate with a positive or negative result in minutes. However, there is often the waiting period until after your first missed period to assure accuracy. Here are some pretty strong signs that you are, indeed, knocked up.


“You’re cologne makes me want to barf!” Your sense of smell is one of the first alarms to go off because suddenly everything around you will take on a new level of pungency. Things that you may not have even noticed before, once pregnant, will hit you like a ton of bricks straight up the nostrils. Your neighbor’s curry, a fellow train mate’s Axe body spray, or the cat litter box could all send you running for the toilet. This is because your body is now setting up a line of defense to ward off toxins from your world to protect the fetus inside you from anything potentially unsafe. It may not be fun, but certainly serves a  useful purpose in keeping you from ingesting anything harmful or toxic.


“Ah, my boobs hurt just driving over bumps in my car!” Your breasts are often the first physical sensation of pregnancy, as they will increase visibly in volume, become more full, and become distractingly tender.  Due to pregnancy,  the increased hormone levels  boost the blood flow and cause changes in breast tissue. If you find yourself having to take one hand off the wheel to hold your boobs as you go over speed bumps, you might want to drive on over to the pharmacy to buy a test.


“First thing in the morning, my feet hit the floor, and I run to the bathroom to barf.” Unless you have the flu or food poisoning, this is a dead give away that you have a bun in the oven. Due to the rapid increase of  estrogen during pregnancy , your stomach might possibly feel put to the test. (Which by the way, you should probably go get.)


“I feel like I am living my life on a boat at sea.” Morning sickness’ possibly more awful twin is nausea and comes with early pregnancy. The feeling of turning green by just sitting at your desk, again due to the powerful influx of hormones, can be the worst part of all. If you feel you are being tossed about on a Carnival cruise, it might be time to set an appointment with your Ob/Gyn.


“I am clearing rooms with my farts, lately.” Bloating in the first six weeks is due to your body producing more progesterone to support your pregnancy. Progesterone relaxes the muscles,  including the muscles of your intestines, which means your digestion slows down. This allows gas to build up which leads to bloating, burping, and yes, flatulence. If even the dog is getting up to leave the room  around you, you might want to see what’s going on.


“I just don’t feel like myself. I watched an episode of This is Us, and I can’t stop crying.” Not feeling yourself, mood swings, and crying jags, coupled with dog-tired exhaustion, can be a potent combination. Falling asleep while sitting straight up in a chair, or losing it over a Kleenex ad, might be signs more is going on inside.


“I had a dream, and we’re having a boy.” Sometimes, we just know. Don’t ever discount a woman’s powers of intuition. Often, when we have a feeling, there is a reason. Trust yourself to know your own body, but be sure to bring in back up (in the form of a test) before you send out announcements.

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