Pregnancy is a magical time in the life of a woman and it takes them some time to get used to the fact that they have a new life growing inside of them. As their body goes through a series of changes followed by massive modifications in their lifestyle, amongst the hustle, they forget one key element that is crucial for the baby’s life; water. Drinking around nine glasses of water every day and keeping yourself hydrated is a habit you cannot easily get used to, which means it is just that important.

Apart from taking care of what foods you need to eat and in what amount, one should also be aware of the liquids you are taking in especially when it comes to water.

Here are five reasons why pregnant women should have access to clean drinking water at all times.

Water forms the amniotic fluid

A lot of women are unaware of what changes their body goes through during pregnancy or what process go on repeatedly inside them. Water is a key element in forming the amniotic fluid which is a clear liquid that is present inside the amniotic sac growing around and surrounding the continuously growing baby. The amniotic fluid plays a crucial role in the baby’s growth. It acts as a cushion to protect the baby from any sudden movements or blows. Apart from being the baby’s shield, the amniotic fluid also helps the baby practice its breathing and make the lungs stronger for when it’s filled with air. Amniotic fluid is formed from water, which amounts to 98%, which is why during the first trimester women feel extremely thirsty. Instead of depending upon your body’s thirst signals, track your hydration and drink more than 10 glasses of water every day.

Water supports the increase in plasma cell concentration

One of the many effects of pregnancy on your body is the increase in blood volume. The plasma levels in the blood increase by 50% whereas the red blood cell count is increased by 20%. The main reason why the body’s plasma count is increased is so it could protect the body in case of any extra blood loss during the delivery process. At around six weeks the body will start producing more plasma cells so it needs plenty of water to replenish the cells.

A safe choice

Not all water is the same and many people don’t understand how. Water from filtration plants or a house filtration system can’t always be trusted if you don’t get it cleaned every now and then. Many bacteria tend to grow in these plants that are harmful for the body especially if there is a fetus growing inside of you. Always be sure to check your source and drink only clean water for your and your child’s health.

Prevents Constipation

Pregnancy causes many bowel related disorders and the major one is constipation. The hormone progesterone, which is released throughout to maintain pregnancy, causes the muscles of the digestive system to relax. This causes improper digestion and eventually constipation which can be very uncomfortable and cause bloating. In order to avoid constipation, one should drink a lot of water and be sure to add fiber into ones diet. Water also helps keep you calm by keeping anxiety and nervousness away which are secondary contributing factors for constipation.

Water is a healthier substitute during pregnancy

Due to raging cravings, women often give in to cravings mostly drinks filled with caffeine or sugar. Caffeine and sugar are abundantly found in soft drinks and juices. According to research, both substances are not such a good idea for you especially if you’re pregnant. The high sugar content not only may increase the risk of gestational diabetes, but can also affect the health of the fetus. Excessive use of caffeine may also induce premature labor, miscarriage or instill birth defects in the baby. So it is best to steer clear of sugary and caffeinated drinks and gulp down as much water as you can to control the cravings.

You need to be extra careful during pregnancy, since you are responsible not only for your own life, but for your child growing inside of you. You should not only be drinking cleaning water, but you should make sure whatever you intake is healthy and clean.

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