The balancing act of being a working mom, can be quite tricky. At Real Mom Daily we’re sitting down with mamas around the world to capture a glimpse of how they walk their daily tight-rope and still keeping it together…mostly.


Name: Lisa Loeb

First names & ages of kiddos: Lyla is 7.5 years old and Emet is almost 5 (in June).

From: Los Angeles, CA USA

Education: I went to The Hockaday School. This is an all girls’ private prep school in Dallas. I attended for 11 years. The Spanish and English classes there taught me how to analyze writing, which has helped me craft my own writing in all kinds of situations, including songwriting, editing (videos and TV shows,) and in general business communication and marketing., After Hockaday, I attended Brown University. Brown surrounded me with lots of supportive students who really listened to my performances and music. While there I was in a duo called Liz and Lisa. We were lucky to have a great creative community which provided a high standard of songwriting, recording, and other creative fields. I also attended Berklee Music School’s summer school for lots of guitar practicing and taking my guitar playing seriously.


1 How do you balance WORK & being a mom? I use a calendar program on my Macbook and share it with my husband and my manager. We coordinate lots of logistics with the babysitters and the rest of the support team.

I always prioritize being a mom first, which means taking care of my kids and their needs by spending quality time with them; including making and eating meals together, driving them to and from school, taking walks and reading with them. The balance also involves maintaining my health and well-being by eating well, sleeping and trying to have some fun sometimes. I enjoy doing crosswords (I worked with Will Shortz to create a puzzle which will run in the New York Times soon), watching a movie, reading a book, going to a concert and date nights.

I also try to keep my own projects organized and prioritized. There are many moving pieces, and they don’t always come out the way we’ve planned.

2 How do you balance SELF CARE and being a mom?  Yes, it’s important for all moms to take care of themselves. I work out a couple of times a week with a trainer when possible, or on my own when I’m traveling. I get massages when I can, make sure I see the doctor when I need to, and focus on the basics – good food, sleep and lots of water.

3 How do you balance RELATIONSHIPS/ROMANCE and being a mom? My husband and I try to get out for date nights once a week and have fun at the events we get invited to. We try to keep the babysitting list strong so we have people to call on so we can spend time together. Also, we watch a TV show and eat dinner (my second dinner after the one with the kids) as many nights as we can. We strive to keep communication open and strong every day.

4 Your mom struggles and or issues: The biggest issues I have are keeping it all balanced, staying healthy, and not taking on too many projects that I’m creating or being offered. It’s hard to focus on happiness; sometimes I’m too focused on getting everything done and keeping it organized.

5 Sh%tty Moment: (A particular parenting moment that you wish you had handled differently.) Wow, I’m sure there are plenty of those. They’re mostly small things. I can’t think of anything in particular, but I do know that on a couple of occasions, in my attempt to keep my kid from hurting themselves, like running into a face-height countertop or almost totally slipping and wiping out on a slick wood floor, I might have put my hand out to help steady them and they ended up bumping their head anyways.

6 Your mom tips:  Prioritize sleep. Use other parents as a resource – especially those with slightly older kids. They know about interesting summer camps, schools, and activities in the area. Make sure you really get that list of babysitters together; it’s important to be able to ask for help when you need it. I can’t stress this enough, don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions: ask teachers, doctors and get second opinions if you don’t feel you’ve gotten a full answer. Don’t be afraid to call the doctor on call late at night if you feel there’s something medically wrong with your child; it’s their job to help out.

7 Unicorn Moment: (A particular parenting moment for which you keep patting yourself on the back.) I can’t think of anything huge here. I do feel pretty great when I can get all breakfasts made, including my own, feel awake, make the lunches and have two kids with sunscreen, shoes and clothes on in the car on time without any arguments. When I get them out to school in time, it feels great.


The Camp Lisa Foundation, is a non-profit that sends kids to camp. It is funded by Loeb’s own organic and fair trade coffee, Wake Up! Brew.

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