There’s nothing more annoying as a frazzled mom, than sitting at a nail salon, thumbing through an old issue of Cosmo with its’ articles vomiting inane sex statistics at you. These surveys seem to feed on insecurity or voyeurism or both. Am I normal? Are we doing it enough? Too much? Do I orgasm enough? Am I the sex goddess of my partner’s  dreams in my sweats, hair knot with spit up on my shoulder? Can we manage to rock each other’s  world in the 15 minutes between when the kids finally go to bed and before we both pass out cold from exhaustion? Would my skin be both dewy and radiant if I had sex 3 times a week?

But really, who cares. Surveys, articles and others opinions cannot define a healthy and satisfying sex life for us. Finding what works for you, in your relationship is what matters. And yes, keeping up a healthy sex life can create better health that ultimately makes us feel more beautiful. The truth is, when we feel better we look better. Having a healthy sex life is like keeping the wheels greased on your overall health. Not only does it keep a deeper more intimate relationship with your partner, but studies show there are numerous overall benefits to our health.  A regular and satisfying sex life has numerous overall health boosts 


It can keep your immune system in working order to defend against germs and viruses. People who had more sex in study at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania were shown to get sick less often. And let’s face it, there are few things that make us feel quite as hideous as a horrendous cold.


The more you get, the more you want. Regular sex actually increases your libido.The more libido, the more sex and so on. So get busier to get hornier to get busier.


Strengthens those kegels. Women who have more regular intercourse often have a stronger pelvic floor which is great news for those of us who still like to hit the dance floor or bounce on an occasional trampoline.


Lowers your blood pressure as well as the risk of heart attacks. Both major bonuses especially as we get older. These may seem less about beauty, but there is nothing pretty about a heart attack as heart disease kills one woman every 80 seconds in the US.


Lessens stress and improves sleep. There’s nothing quite like an earth shattering orgasm to melt your troubles away.


Increase your connection, intimacy and even patience with your partner.  If you guys are having an enjoyable time in the bedroom, it is more likely you will feel like you are on the same team together as you face the world. 


That youthful glow. In a study conducted at  The Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland, those participants who were getting it on more, were perceived to look younger and more vibrant by a panel of participants. So it would seem, the ultimate secret to youthful good looks can be as simple as a regular, satisfying shag.


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