yoga for new moms a healthy remedy

Being a new mom, your mind is always busy. As a result, we sometimes feel overwhelmed and depressed.  When we’re not mindful of this, we speed up our aging process. Not just on the outside but internally as well. Doing a set of yoga poses daily can put you in a routine that will change your life from the way you raise your kids and relate to the outside world and most importantly the way you respect and care for yourself. Yoga will  not only improve the healing process of your body but it will also enable you to relax and clear your mind.  We at Real Mom Daily have teamed up with  the founder of, Anshu Verma to teach you a few fabulous poses you can do easily at home. 

Shoulder Stand

Shoulder stand yoga is considered as being one of the most effective yoga poses for an attractive young skin. It helps to improve the texture and the quality of the skin by enhancing the efficient flow of the blood towards the face. One needs to practice at least 3 to 5 times in a day to help the skin gets rid of acne, pimple, dullness, and wrinkles.

Triangle pose

This is the best yoga pose especially for the glowing skin and also helps to open up the chest, lungs, and heart. It helps to supply oxygen to the skin. This, therefore, makes the skin feel more rejuvenated and refreshed.


Mountain Pose

This is just a simple standing yoga for moms. It concentrates mostly on the rhythmic and deep breathing which is a highly important element for a healthy skin. Taking in more oxygen through a regulated breathing pattern allows the body to get rid of toxins and always keep the skin glowing and healthy.

Camel Pose

This involves bending of the back. It helps in opening the rib cage and increases the capacity of the lung as one takes in more oxygen. This pose helps to reduce stresses and promotes balancing of the body hormones which are responsible for pimples and acne outbursts.

Fish Pose

This pose helps towards promoting a good looking skin as it improves the functions of pineal, thyroid, pituitary glands and normalizing the hormones. This pose offers a nice stretch of the facial muscles which makes it one of the most beneficial exercises for removing a double chin.

Cobra Pose

This amazing yoga pose helps in reduction of tension, fatigue, and stress. It is highly important in skin rejuvenation through the supply of excess oxygen to the cells of the skin which in turn enables the body to remove toxins accumulated from the system.

“A key to having energy and the focus for a thrilling yoga performance is by taking healthy food. It is essential to take food that will give maximum support to yoga practice. Turmeric and Quinoa are my current favorites”  

-Anshu Verma founder of


Herbs can be of great help especially in cleansing the body and keeping it healthy, and that is where turmeric comes in. It helps to cleanse the body toxins and assist a lot in yoga. A body that is free of toxins is always healthy and much fit for yoga. It also works on the physiology and the body energy system. Just a pinch and the body will glow.


A yoga mom needs protein to provide energy concentration and taking super quinoa is one way of getting it. It contains very crucial amino acids, iron to give you healthy blood and vitamin B2 which is highly essential in cells production and magnesium for sugar and blood control. It can be taken with rice or as breakfast instead of oatmeal. Quinoa is an amazing food for yoga mommy.

“There are a lot of benefits young moms are to reap through practicing yoga. Being a mom is among the most joyous things in the life of a woman. Although the well-being of the baby is essential, your health should not be taken lightly. A yoga mom is healthy and will take great care of her young ones.” – Anshu Verma “

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