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“Prosperity is a state of living in abundance.”

My teacher, Yogi Bhajan the master of Kundalini Yoga taught that we draw to us what we vibrate. That when we are able to shift our own energetic realities to a higher vibration, we will attract similar energies of that high vibration. In other words, if you shift your inner radio channel from some crappy country and western station playing songs about a one legged dog and a tornado magnet double wide trailer, and tune in to a station playing classical symphonies, you will find your experience shifts. Not to beat up on country music in particular, but the point is, if you are stuck on one channel, it’s hard to make the energetic bump up to another frequency. So the question is, how do we make this shift? How do we turn that inner daily out of self pity, illness and poverty to tune us into something higher?

Yogi Bhajan explained how we can consciously shift our energetic vibration by practicing yoga and meditation. He gave a technology for using this energy to magnetize more positive experiences to ourselves. When we shift our consciousness we draw to us prosperity in all forms. Prosperity is a state of living in abundance. By making a commitment to practice this meditation, there must at first be a decision in your conscious mind, that I believe I am worth health, wealth and happiness. For some people that can be ninety percent of the battle. Make the choice to shift your reality. Practice this for 5 minutes every day for forty days and see what opens up.


  1. Sit in cross legged position with eyes closed and focused on the brow point.
  2. Bring in elbows to the sides with forearms parallel to the ground. The hands point forward, palms up and wrists straight.
  3. Touch the thumbs to the index fingers.
  4. Chant the mantra in a steady voice; HAR HA-RAY HAREE, WHA-HAY GU-ROO.
  5. Keep this flowing for at least 5 steady minutes.


This meditation will help relieve anxiety and help us flow into a space of abundance with faith that there is a way through every block.

Sat Nam.

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